Cornerstone Network

Planting Churches & Resourcing Pastors

Welcome to the Cornerstone Network!

Connecting through relationships

With all of the technology that is available, we still believe in face to face, hands on relationships. The strength of the Cornerstone Church Network is found in the connections of the members and the results of our interactions.

Resourcing through Networking

The Cornerstone Church Network takes advantage of the resources that are available in and out of the Network. Being able to have the connections to get financing and save money allows our members to focus on the ministry at hand.

Coaching from Experience

Everyone needs a coach, and the best coaches are ones who have been there and done that themselves. Our coaches have decades of pastoral and church planting experience and the personalities and giftings to pass this knowledge on to our network pastors and churches.

Reaching the Unchurched and Dechurched

The church in America is not keeping up with our growing population. The result is that there are more people today that are unchurched than ever before. Reaching the unchurched is a focus of the Cornerstone Network. We believe that God has called us to share the Good News of Jesus to the Unchurched in a culturally relevant way.

Statistics say that for every person that is in church in America on a weekend, there are six more that have been hurt or alienated by the church. When they leave the church, typically they also leave their relationship with God. Our purpose is to develop strategies to enable the dechurched an opportunity to connect with Christ again.

Network Churches

Cornerstone Bethalto

Birthed from a church merger in 2001, Cornerstone Bethalto is dedicated to loving God and loving others. Bethalto is also the founding church of the Cornerstone Network.

Cornerstone Deaf

Cornerstone Deaf Church is ministering to the hearing-impaired in several communities across Southern Illinois.

Life Community

Life Community is a church-plant turned established church in Columbia, IL with services on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

The Bridge

The Bridge, in Greenville, is our newest church plant, having just launched in Fall 2014.